Welcome to the Team OneVerse blog!

Thanks for visiting the Team OneVerse blog! This is the hub for information about the running group whose purpose is to raise money and awareness for Bible translation. By running marathons, Team OneVerse hopes specifically to fund the translation process for the Rutara people in South Asia.

The Rutara represent one of 2200 language groups (nearly 200 million people) still waiting to hear God’s message of hope in a language that they can understand best – their heart language.

Team OneVerse is part of The Seed Company, an affiliate of Wycliffe Bible Translators. The Seed Company works with national translators so they can get the New Testament in their language in about 7 years. To connect the much needed funding with the workers who dedicate their lives to this task, The Seed Company creatively networks people around the world to finish these projects.

Team OneVerse is ultimately comprised of three team members: the runner, the supporter, and the translator. How would you like to join?

I run. I give. I translate.
Team OneVerse


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