How Does Translation Happen?

So you’ve decided to partner with Team OneVerse, translating one verse for $26. Where does the money go? What happens now? The result of your giving is a clear and accurate translation of the Bible. This is accomplished through a rigorous six-step process in every language:

1. Produce a first draft of Scripture portion after careful analysis of what the passage says
2. Perform a team check of the first draft to make sure it is clear and accurate
3. Test the new draft within the community to make sure it sounds natural and clearly communicates its intent
4. Check the quality of the draft by making a literal ‘back translation’ of the draft into English or another major language
5. Have professional translation consultants check the translation for faithfulness to the original languages
6. Finish with a final careful proofread of the translation prior to publication

This process happening verse by verse takes a tremendous amount of time. And don’t forget, the national translators are people who are giving up their livelihood to share the gospel. Their time is extremely valuable. We want to make sure they can still meet the needs of their families. Our partnership through giving allows the translators to continue working for their community.


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