How Many Verses Are in the Bible?

I started wondering this the other day: How many verses are in the Bible? The Old Testatment? The New Testament? And what about each gospel? There seems to be some differing information on the actual number as some verses in the Bible were not in some early manuscripts (Mark 16:9-20). But the number that seems to be used the most is 31,103 verses in the Bible.



So what? Well if 25 runners all raise $1500, that translates over 1,400 verses into an unreached language! That’s equal to the book of Luke. Or almost all of Mark and John. It’s pretty amazing that by running a marathon and raising awarness, we could translate two of the gospels so people can read about Christ in their own language! Please consider how you could join the team today!


One response to “How Many Verses Are in the Bible?

  1. I am so impressed by your research! It really puts things into perspective!

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