Running for the Rutara people

Want to know more about the Rutara? They’re the people group for whom Team OneVerse is raising money and awareness. There are approximately 200,000 in the language group. The translation began in 1995 with sponsorship from The Seed Company in 2005. Their goal is to translate the New Testament and portions of the Old by 2016.

According to, the Rutara are a hunter/gatherer society. Fishing is one of their most prized means of hunting. The people fish “with handwoven nets and natural poisons.” However, as people have migrated into their land and cleared areas used for agriculture, the Rutara “depend upon subsistence farming and raising cattle for their livelihood.”

The Rutara have a traditional animistic religion that includes worshipping many spirits and gods. The Christian church is less than 1% of their population and has grown slowly in the past decade. However, with only minimal Scripture, the growth is limited and their faith is a risk of being infused with animistic practices.

Pray for the translation team to understand how best to translate the Bible into this unreached language. Translating a word as basic as “love” can be difficult when the Greek has many different meanings for the word. Pray for the Rutara too, that they can grow in their faith as they have more of the Bible to read.


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