Pick Your Own Race to Run with Team OneVerse!

There’s good news and bad news. Which one first? How about the good!

Good News
You can still join Team OneVerse to run any race you like: full, half, or triathlon. If you are doing a race shorter than a half marathon or its equivalent, we can work with you to set a goal for an appropriate amount of verses to find funding for translation. There’s no reason you can’t be part of this amazing journey to see the gospel in the hands of people around the world!

Bad News
The Chicago marathon is sold out. From their website: “Open Registration for the 2009 Bank of America Chicago Marathon closed today when it reached its capacity.” With 45,000 runners flocking to the city this October, I’d say they are definitely at capacity!

Join the Team!
There are plenty of marathons to run though and I encourage you to find one that is close to home, that you can do with friends, and that is affordable. Maybe you’d like to run or walk a 5k or 10k. Please email me at allisonjmartin (at) yahoo (dot) com, and we can talk about some other ways to join the team. I’d love to find a church group doing a short distance and have 50 people raise $100 each. If you are passionate about seeing God’s Word spread, please let me know! What’s important is knowing that all will hear.

Happy running!


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