Welcome New Runners: Trevor & Sarah Schuh!


Welcome our newest runners, Trevor and Sarah Schuh! I’m excited to announce this wonderful couple are both running the Disney Marathon in Orlando in January 2010. This will be their first marathon to run, which is very exciting!

Also exciting about the Schuhs is that they are currently raising support to go on full-time with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Currently living in Ohio, the Schuhs are preparing to move to Orlando later this year to work at Wycliffe headquarters. They hope to eventually work in Brazil, translating the Bible.

Trevor and Sarah both attended college with me (Allison), so I’m happy to see them join the team for many reasons! Thanks for being part of Team OneVerse!

Donate to Trevor here.

Donate to Sarah here.


2 responses to “Welcome New Runners: Trevor & Sarah Schuh!

  1. Very Cool! I ran the Disney Marathon this year and it is a GREAT Race! Good Luck Trevor and Sarah Schuh.

  2. Thanks, George! Great to be working towards the same goal as you…just from a different location. Glad to know the Disney Marathon is a good one. God bless you as you train for the Ironman!

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