So THIS is what a good run feels like!

Confession from the blogger: I’ve been hurt since February and very discouraged about it. I was half-way through training for the Country Music Marathon in Nashville, TN, when I suddenly developed a horrible knee pain. I thought it was my shoes. I thought it was my IT band. I thought it was runner’s knee. I think in actuality, it’s been a combination of all of those things in addition to a weaker right leg. A few weeks ago, I started going to a doctor who does Active Release Therapy, a localized massage technique that breaks down scar tissue in your muscles. It hurts like crazy! But between that and some strength training for my glutes, things are looking up!

canalIn fact, tonight I actually ran 5.5 miles! And they were 5.5 good miles at a strong pace! Not the kind of miles that feel like junk or miserable and you’re desperate for them to be over. It was the kind of run that reminded me why I love running.

Here are a few reasons:
*Running along the canal was beautiful
*70 degrees even with humidity was perfect with a breeze
*I saw ducks, ducklings, geese, a muskrat, a gorgeous red cardinal on a branch above the path, and a heron swooping along the canal, looking like an ancient dinosaur
*I discovered an amazing botanical garden in Indianapolis!
*I got to wear my trail shoes and get them muddy

I’ve also been slacking off on my Chicago Marathon mile by mile posts because I’ve been afraid I wouldn’t be healthy enough to run it by October. I know, I know; it’s only June! But I was still worried. Thankfully, tonight’s run was encouragement that, Lord willing, I can still do it!

Runners, you know the disappointment an injury can bring and the excitement you feel when you’re back on the road. Do what you can to keep that energy! Don’t let yourself get stagnant or bored; find a new place to run this week and use the time to celebrate health and the outdoors and to pray for Team OneVerse’s participants and the Rutara people.


One response to “So THIS is what a good run feels like!

  1. So glad you had a great run! Thanks for the post.

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