Running Socks: the Best Christmas Present Ever!

pictureYou know the stereotype. The worst present you can get for Christmas? Socks. Not sure what else to get dad? Socks. (Or a tie.) Not sure what to give at a white elephant party? Socks.

But for runners, asking for socks for Christmas (or any time of the year; it is June) is a great idea! Why? Well because they will save your feet from a world of hurt in the form of chafing and blisters. And they’re a little pricy which is why they’re great to ask for as a gift!

What makes running socks different?Kayano socks med
Your normal socks, from Wal-Mart, Target or Kohls, are fine for wearing with everyday shoes, but imagine running for 30 minutes, an hour, or 4 hours with them. Those cotton socks will absorb all the sweat from your feet just like a dishcloth picks it up off the counter. The sweat-soaked socks will rub against your heels and toes in your shoes, creating chafing and blisters, especially over the course of a half or full marathon. Not how you want to finish a race!

Technical running socks are made of synthetic materials. Thanks to 21st-century sock-technology, this material wicks the sweat off your foot and allows it to evaporate through the mesh on your shoes. Your feet stay drier, cooler, and with anti-microbial socks, less smelly! Plus, no irritating seams rubbing against your feet. Most running socks cost around $10 a pair. Yes, expensive. I put off buying them for a while because of the price. But after too many races with blisters, I bought 3 pairs and haven’t regreted it once! It was $30 very well-spent dollars!

What are my options?
Here are just a few brands:injinji_performance_mini-crew_toe-sock_celery-green300

  • Balega — My personal favorite
  • Smart Wool — Forget about itchy sweaters, this wool is soft!
  • Wright
  • Nike
  • Asics
  • Injinji — Running toe socks for people who want cool toes and blister-free digits!
  • And more!

You can find great running socks at any running store and most sporting goods stores. Still not convinced? Treat yourself to one pair and use them on your longest runs. You’ll be glad!


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