How many languages are left? Part 2

I’m going to be borrowing again from the Schuh’s blog. Why? Because as Wycliffe missionaries, they have access to a lot of amazing information about translation as well as exciting updates. I thought this blog was especially insightful:

“Throughout the world today, there are about 2,300 language groups that do not have a Bible translation project started in them. About 80% of these languages are in three areas of the world.

These are the three areas and the numbers of how many languages are left to be started:

Aren’t these numbers amazing? When you think about how many different languages are spoken in such a small region alone, your mind can start to spin. But these are just the languages that don’t have a BIBLE TRANSLATION started yet.

God is doing amazing things in these regions of the world and others. There are thousands of missionaries around the world that are following God’s call to bring God’s Word to the least, the last, and the lost. You can get involved in this great work through praying, giving, or even going!

I read a really cool stat today about the country of Nigeria. For every one missionary that we send into the country through Wycliffe, FIVE Nigerians are sent out of the country for their own missions work!”

The need is so great. How can you partner with Team OneVerse today? Pray. Give. Or consider how you can Go.


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