The Word is Life

Wycliffe International has a website called that I recently discovered that has me really excited! It’s basically a go-to site for any questions you have or information you might need about Bible translation. You can find Bible translation partners (like The Seed Company who is behind Team OneVerse), stories from translation projects, and new ways to pray for language groups around the world.

AND best of all, using a map of the world, you can select different continents, countries, and language groups to learn about that location, people group, and find an update on Bible translation there.

Picture 2

For instance, I selected Asia – Afghanistan – the language group Aimaq. I learned how many people speak this language (650,00), their religion (Islam), livelihood (mainly agriculture), and that currently no Scripture translations have been started.

Spend some time looking around! Not sure where to start? Pick a country where you’ve been or a place where you support a missionary. Look at the tag of your shirt and pick the country where your shirt was manufactured. Learn what you can, then find a way to pray for that area as God’s Word continues to spread there.


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