World Run Day: Sun, Nov 8th

2940_wrd2009sideI’ll admit, I didn’t know about World Run Day until I received an email from that linked to an article about it. Now that I do, I’m really excited to learn more! 2009 is the 11th year for World Run Day, a chance to use running to support your favorite charity (like OneVerse!).

With over 1,400 participants registered on, the event “benefits both local and international charities by celebrating running and charity. Runners register to run their favorite distance and pledge a donation to their favorite charity. Results are posted and then calculated for a worldwide total.”

Basically, you are given the tools to host your own charity run on Sunday or participant in an already existing runito support a charity you love. Pretty cool idea — so whether you support Team OneVerse and Bible translation or another charity, consider how running is a way for you to give to others.


One response to “World Run Day: Sun, Nov 8th

  1. That’s great! Didn’t know there was such a thing!

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