William Tyndale or Why I Own 5 Bibles

“Don’t ever think that your hard work is the decisive key.
The decisive key is the sovereign grace of God. He can work through you;
he can work in spite of you. I plead with you: don’t waste your life…
Be like William Tyndale.” -John Piper

At the 2008 New Attitude Conference, put on by Sovereign Grace Ministries, pastor John Piper spoke about the life of William Tyndale, one of the men responsible for translating the Bible into English. Before Tyndale, people could only read the Bible in Latin or, more commonly, hear the Bible read to them by a priest. People weren’t allowed to translate any of the Bible into English. In fact, Piper shares that many people were killed for simply translating the Lord’s Prayer. Imagine how much trouble Tyndale got himself into by translating the whole book! Tyndale smuggled pages of the English Bible into England from his hiding place in Europe. After being betrayed by a “friend,” Tyndale was strangled, then burned at the stake.

Because of Tyndale’s work over 500 years ago, we are now able to buy a copy of the Bible anytime we want and read away. In fact, I have five Bibles! The first one I received when I was a small child with Precious Moments characters acting out various scenes in cartoons throughout the pages.

Imagine now how life would be if we were still struggling to learn Latin just to read about Christ. Or what if we had to completely depend on someone else telling us what the Bible said. It would be second-best, but there would be a doubt, “How do I know they are telling me the truth?” That’s actually a reality for millions of people. And WE have the opportunity to do something about it! We can accelerate the translation process through our finances and give more people access to God’s Word in their own language, so He can speak directly to their hearts.

Please join Team OneVerse as a runner, walker, or donor, but especially as someone who will pray for those waiting for a copy of even one book of the Bible in a language they can read.

To hear Piper’s excellent sermon on Tyndale, listen at thisisnext.org.


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