The Rutara People Group by the Numbers

The Rutara language group is who receives all the funds generated by Team OneVerse. It’s important to get to know the people who are growing in faith because of our running, so here’s a little more about the Rutara:

Location: Restricted access area, south Asia
Number of Speakers: 200,000
Project Goal: New Testament with Old Testament portions
Year Project Began: 1995
Expected Completion Date: 2016
Lead Translators: George and Beera Nashar
Currently Translating: Acts (currently drafting) and Philemon. George and Beera will soon be taking these books into the community to read them with many local speakers and ensure there is nothing confusing.

Imagine trying to translate the book of Acts into another language! And working with other translators to ensure the translation is accurate. This system of checks and balances is time-consuming and can be tedious as translators make sure the new Bible maintains its meaning, translating it back into Greek, Hebrew, English, and other languages.

Please be in prayer for George, Beera, and the Rutara people. They still have over five years of work. How can you be part of accelerating Bible translation through raising funds and awareness for this great need?


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