Do People Really Want a Translation?

“Do people really want a Bible translation in their own language?” That was the question Daryl Lacey asked while on a missions trip to Papua New Guinea with her father, Dr. Mark Lacey, pastor of Asbury United Methodist Church. She said, “I thought that Christians were being quite presumptuous to assume that people in Papua New Guinea wanted Bibles translated into their native tongues.”

She continued, “After watching the translation [process], my mind was completely changed. Those people thirsted for the Word of God! They spent hours on end making sure every phrase and every sentence and every word conveyed just the right meaning to their people. I really saw the Bible, for the first time, as nourishment for God’s people.”

I have asked that question too, wondering if just because I am moved by the power of language and the truth of the Word, is everyone else? Reading Daryl’s story reminded me that people everywhere are compelled by truth and hope, which is exactly what the Bible brings. Our responsibility is to go into all the world and preach the gospel. Translation must be part of that process so all can hear. From there, we must trust that God’s word does not return to him void, but the Holy Spirit will take it and accomplish God’s purpose for it.

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