Reading & Worshipping: Why the Rutara Want a Translation

In my fall update on the Rutara people, I read the following update:

“As they interviewed prospective mother-tongue readers in the two pilot villages just before starting literacy classes, the Rutara team asked, ‘Why do you really want to learn these reading and writing skills?’ The majority said, ‘We would like to read God’s Word for ourselves and be able to find the songs in the songbook.’

This greatly encouraged lead translators George and Beera Nashar. ‘Our whole work here is aimed at achieving exactly that task,’ said George. The positive responses reminded them anew that they’re on the right track. They were able to start pilot literacy classes in these two villages with three teachers they’d trained previously.”

It’s hard for me to connect abstract facts with tangible people, so I need to hear stories like this from real people like George and Beera. Knowing that there are villages of men, women, and children who are learning to read specifically because they want to learn more about God and be able to sing songs of worship to Him blows me away! These are people who work hard all day, are learning the alphabet, and how to combine letters into words into sounds. They live in a country in southeast Asia that we can’t even know the name of because it’s too dangerous! And yet, they continue to seek God and find ways to know Him. That truth is humbling and exciting to me as I sit at my desk and realize I’ve known about Jesus for over 25 years and have been able to read for almost that long.

So What? Pray for the Rutara as they learn about Christ. Realize how blessed you are to be reading this in a language you (hopefully!) understand and in a country where you can freely read anything about Jesus that you want!


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