New Year’s Resolutions

Every January, regular gym-members are suddenly standing in line for their turn on the treadmill as resolvers of all shapes and sizes flock to get in shape for the new year. By mid-February, they don’t have to fight for their turn anymore because most people have already given up.

Real change and achieving the next level of fitness happens over time and takes humility to continue working even after failure happens. You have to lower your expectations and just try. Part of what helps me accomplish something is holding myself accountable or making a change for more than myself. Becoming a runner or walker can be tough when you aren’t used to the effort needed. So don’t set yourself up to fail — put a few buffers around you to ensure you follow through.

Team OneVerse is a great way to help you follow through on your resolution to get in shape or move yourself further along. You’ll accomplish:

1. Fitness
2. Accountability — by telling people you’re part of the team, you bring them into your journey
3. Community — you can join Team OneVerse with friends, a community group or Sunday school class and everyone can work together
4. Eternal Value — Team OneVerse reminds me that I can connect something I love with a need in the world for people to learn about Jesus

Team OneVerse is always welcoming people to the group, but especially this time of the year. Pray about how you can build fitness, community, and the kingdom by joining.


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