Homeschoolers Raise a Quarter of a Million Dollars!

WOW! From The Seed Company eNewsletter comes this story:

“More than 2,700 families took advantage of lessons and activities during last fall’s OneVerse project. The homeschoolers sponsored enough verses that, together with [Sonlight Curriculum’s] matching gift, completely funded the entire New Testament for the Meetto people of Mozambique and started funding the New Testament for the Ning people of Tanzania. When the project was finished and a matching gift from Sonlight Curriculum had been added, the families had raised one quarter of a million dollars for the two translations!

In coming months, you and your children can learn more about Bible translation and give to Bible translation with a similar program. Enroll your kids today at Registration continues until February 28.”

The Kids Discover program looks like an amazing way for anyone to learn about Bible translation — especially because it will be very simple to understand! I’m 27 without kids and still signed up. 🙂 Some of the things kids will learn include:

  • Read about heroes of modern Bible translation.
  • Discover a language that is spoken … and whistled. (Yes: people can understand each other solely by whistling!)
  • Find out why some believers in Papua New Guinea say “Jesus carries his liver for me.”
  • Discover an alphabet that has only 11 letters!
  • Listen to John 3:16 in a new language each week.
  • Watch a video of the startling things that happen when the Gamo people watch the “JESUS” film in their own language for the very first time!

I’m really looking forward to it!


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