Passion 2010: The Writing is On the Wall

I love stories from The Seed Company eNewsletter! They’re always so encouraging and remind me that there are people around the world who are also passionate about Bible translation. I think the amount of people who are grows every day!

In January, “more than 21,000 college students converged on Atlanta to attend Passion 2010. Students bought over 3,100 verses, giving over $78,000 to Bible translation: enough to fully fund the remaining need of both the Rom and Shatikha translations in Southeast Asia. The students paid for each verse and then wrote them on a two-story-tall banner. Many prayed that the verses would change lives as they wrote.

“These are the verses I’m giving to other people,” one young woman at the event commented. “But I need to be memorizing them myself! It’s incredible to see how God worked through me just writing my verses on [the wall].”

Many students saw God’s hand in the verses that were randomly assigned. Jason, a college student, was surprised to receive Romans 8:30. That verse was part of a passage God used to call him back to faith in Christ.”

God continues to work through events like Passion 2010. Read and watch more highlights at


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