Translation for the Deaf Community

In a recent eNewsletter from The Seed Company president Roy Peterson, he shares:

I’m so delighted to tell you that more than 200,000 Deaf people in Kenya will soon have access to a visual Bible in their own Sign Language. Translators are recording 32 Chronological Bible Stories onto DVDs, a powerful format for communicating God’s Word to Deaf people.

Recently they’ve had problems translating a story that most of us take for granted at Christmas: “God Promises the Messiah.” Their translation didn’t capture the right meanings. Some had sleepless nights. They even found themselves using “strong hands,” arguing during discussions with each other.

After working with a consultant and re-crafting their stories many times, the translators agreed on good solutions. They’re already receiving eager, positive feedback from the Deaf community on other stories they’ve tested. One man begged for more, saying, “I see! It’s easy to understand. Before, I tried to read the Bible but it was hard. Give me this to bring home. Then I could continue to learn more every day.”

The team had to explain that the project isn’t ready yet. Funding and prayer support are urgently needed to help them complete their work. Please prayerfully consider a gift to bring the Promised Messiah to the Deaf Kenyan community. May God let your joy overflow as you share His Word with others.

It’s so encouraging to read stories like this — that Truth extends beyond the spoken and written word, even into the signed word.


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