Learn Chinese Pinyin in 6 Minutes!

And people say learning English is hard! All you need to do is watch the first few minutes of this video (ignore the initial few seconds that I assume set up the song that comes next) to appreciate the overwhelming work that language learners must feel! Imagine — you arrive in a culture and attempt to learn their language by imitating vowel and consonant sounds, making English approximations from the letters. Very hard! Now, imagine a language group that doesn’t even have a written language yet! Unreal. Developing the alphabet from sounds, understanding the language, then translating the Bible into it. It makes me realize how valuable native translators, like The Seed Company often uses, is to the translation process.


5 responses to “Learn Chinese Pinyin in 6 Minutes!

  1. Wow, Allison. That looks so interesting and hard. Is that going on your list of languages to learn? Keep up the awesome work supporting such a great company!

  2. One of the guys at my work speaks a little Chinese. He said this about the introduction:

    Small/young friends… let us now learn the Chinese pinyin (literally means “spelled sound” or phonetic) alphabet. Now, first the initial sounds, final sounds (vowel sound), and __(putting them together?)__. Afterward, __ learn the vowels’ four tones. Please everyone follow along after/with me.

  3. Oh I’m glad to hear what it actually says! If nothing else, the song is really catchy, right? 🙂

  4. I have been learning Chinese for about 5 years now and there is no question Pinyin is the secret to learning Chinese quickly.

    All of Chinese words are based on one or two characters…basically pictures. Try memorizing one picture for every word in the English language.

    It is extremely difficult to even begin learning Chinese without using Pinyin; not only for reading Chinese characters but also for the proper pronunciation as well.

    I think using the correct tones when speaking Chinese is just as difficult as learning how to read the characters because the tones are so awkward to Western speakers.

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    fun way to learn pinyin

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