Best Natural Fuel for Runners

Another big “thanks” to for a great article with some tips for the best food to eat before, during, and after a run. Many runners don’t like the taste or texture of Gu, PowerGel, Shot Blocks, or other supplements. Or maybe the preference is for “real” food, not man-made supplements. Either way, there are some great options for those who are hesitant to try out a supplement.

3-4 Hours Before the Run: Oatmeal topped with walnuts and hard-boiled egg. One obvious issue with this type of food is, what if you run in the morning? You can’t get up at 3am to eat so you can run at 6am. Not very practical. But for people doing a later run in the day, sounds like a great option!

15-60 Minutes Pre-Run: Low-fat yogurt with a handful of raisins. This is much easier to eat as breakfast before you head out the door!

During a Run: Honey

15-60 Minutes Post-Run: Cereal with milk and sliced banana. Okay, so eating Lucky Charms probably isn’t the idea. But a cereal like Cheerios would be more along the right track. And my vote? Eat that with a glass of chocolate milk!

If you want more information, about why these foods are great choices, check the entire article.


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