God was after his heart

When the Godie language team from the Kru project took Mark’s Gospel on audiocassette into Hemet’s village, they had no idea the trouble they’d cause. Hemet, as an elder, was best qualified to test the translation to be sure it was clear and natural in his language. But God wanted more than good Scripture testing. He wanted Hemet’s heart.

As Hemet was slowly changed by the Scripture he was hearing repeatedly, his community grew frustrated. Hemet had neglected his duties as leader of the local religion. He had gone so far as to destroy the small hut that housed the spirits of the village gods. And worse: not only had he left his practice, he hadn’t even bothered to appoint his successor!

Hemet explained that he had no choice. “I learned in God’s Word, which I heard on this cassette, that you don’t give bad things to those you love. Since I know the traditional religion is bad, I couldn’t name a replacement.”

Amazement replaced anger. Today, no one calls out to false gods in Hemet’s community and many formerly devout traditionalists have recently become Christians. Who but God could have made such an amazing transformation possible?


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