Updates on the Rutara people

Every month or so, I receive an update on the Rutara translation project. The Rutara people group live in south Asia, in an undisclosed area. There are about 200,000 people who speak this language, and they currently have access to some of the Old and New Testament. By 2016, the translation project expects to complete the New Testament and finish sections of the Old. All the funds raised by Team OneVerse go directly to this project. It’s always exciting to read about the progress towards their translation goal, and I wanted to share these updates. Plus, it helps my understand more about the precise process in Bible translation.

Book of James Moves to Another Step
“The team has been making adjustments to their draft of James in response to the feedback they recieved during community testing. They’ll soon by ready to translate the book back into English in preparation for the consultant’s check.

This English back-translation is very literal for the benefit of the consultant. But a literal word-for-word or even a literal phrase-by-phrase translation in Rutara isn’t useful. It must be a thought-for-thought translation if it’s to be understandable to the mother-tongue speakers. It’s the meaning and not the form that needs to be transferred from the original biblical language to Rutara. [Essentially] this is a formal review by a trained consultant of the translation to make certain that it’s true to the original meaning and speaks clearly.”


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