Congrats to Team OneVerse Runners!

Over the weekend, three Team OneVerse runners raced in the Gusher Marathon and Half Marathon in Beaumont, TX.

Latisha trained for the marathon, but due to some unforeseen leg pains, had to end her journey at 15 miles. Though she was held back from the full 26.2, she was excited about her progress because her half marathon time was 20 minutes faster than her last race. Not bad!

Husband & wife combo Kristen and Nick raced and raised awareness together. They finished the half marathon in 2 hours and 29 minutes!

What’s very exciting is that between Latisha and the Zumos, $1800 were raised for the Rutara people’s Bible! That’s 69 verses of the Bible translated for these people! That’s AMAZINGLY EXCITING! Praise God for such a great accomplishment physically and spiritually!


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