What is the need?

Let’s review: There are about 6900 languages in the world; only 450 have the entire Bible. That’s over 2200 language groups that don’t have access to any or all of God’s Word. And if you’re wondering, there are about 196 million people represented in those groups. Yes, it is a huge need!

So now what? Team OneVerse exists to connect runners and walkers to this need. By doing something tangible, like running a race, we can use the dedication, focus, daily practice, and patience that are also involved in the translation process. No, running a marathon does not compare to the years of work and heartache involved in translating the Scripture, but it does provide those on the other side a chance to tap into that same spirit of perseverance. And most of all, it allows us to be aware of others by prayer and raising awareness of the spiritual and financial need. By being a Team OneVerse member or donor, you can help finish translating the Bible into every language.

How does $26 make a difference? Does giving $26 to translate one verse really make a difference? Absolutely! Consider:

  • Jesus taught his disciples to pray in five simple verses — Matthew 6:9-13. That’s only $130 to give someone a path to God.
  • Paul presented the gospel in four verses — I Corinthians 15:3-6. Only $104 to share the essentials to reaching God.

It’s easier than you think to make a difference either by giving or joining Team OneVerse!


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