The 600th Language!

From The Seed Company newsletter comes this exciting news:

Just one year after celebrating the beginning of the 500th language translation, The Seed Company has reached another milestone. This year, work with the Ika people of Nigeria marks The Seed Company’s 600th translation project start in its 17-year history.

This translation will directly impact more than 345,000 people among 12 dialects of Ika speakers. Three related languages will also benefit from adapting this text for computer drafting. The Seed Company joins hands with strong local-church leadership and with the Nigeria Bible Translation Trust to help the Ika people complete the Old Testament.

For this fiscal year, The Seed Company plans to enter 82 new language projects. So far, more than 30 are now in progress. The pace is building. Within three years, The Seed Company anticipates moving into 120 languages annually until translation is started for each language that still needs God’s Word.


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