How to Stay Motivated

The running store where I work sees a huge increase in traffic before a major half marathon where I live. People have been training for the past 5 months and are so excited for the half! They train and run and focus and then after 13.1 miles, they don’t do anything until next January when they begin training again. Why is it so hard to stay motivated between races? I think we’re built to focus on goals and use an organized schedule to keep us on track.

My next half marathon, the Geist Half, is on the 22nd. I’ve been training hard to hit a new PR, but after the race is finished, then what? I may not do another half until the fall and that’s another 4-5 months. Thankfully, I have another little gem from on how to stay motivated!

They recommend:
1. Set Goals
2. Keep Track (with a running log)
3. Share Your Goals (ah, nothing gets me moving more than the threat of people always asking, “How’s training going?”)
4. Keep Good Company (run with a partner)
5. Spice Things Up (by changing your usual route, finding a trail, or mixing in hills or speed workouts)
6. Make It Personal (ask yourself “why do I run?” or find a cause to run for — like Team OneVerse!)
7. Train Your Mind

  • Visualize Race Day
  • Concentrate on Your Breathing
  • Listen to Music (or podcasts)
  • Focus on a Project

It’s never easy to keep yourself going between races if you’re like me, prone to slack off. I think of all those options, running with a partner is very helpful (especially if it’s one person because you’ll feel really bad if you don’t show up). I’m also going to find some trails to run on this summer. It will keep me out of direct heat and I think running through trees and up hills will let me enjoy the scenery and enjoy running.


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