The Six Steps of Translation

So what happens when you donate to Team OneVerse and The Seed Company? Your funding basically supports the entire six steps of the translation process:

* Step 1: Produce a first draft of a Scripture portion after careful analysis of what the passage says. This step requires 35% of your gift.
* Step 2: Perform a team check of the first draft to make sure it is clear and accurate. This step requires 10% of your gift.
* Step 3: Test the new draft within the community to make sure it sounds natural and clearly communicates its intent. This major step requires 25% of your gift.
* Step 4: Check the quality of the draft by making a literal ‘back translation’ of the draft into English or another major language. Oftentimes this step is done by one or two individuals and only requires 10% of your gift.
* Step 5: Have professional translation consultants check the translation for faithfulness to the original languages. Because our consultants come from partner organizations, we don’t have to pay their salaries. So only 10% of your gift is needed for this step.
* Step 6: Carefully proofread the translation prior to publication. This very critical, last step happens through 10% of your gift.

So that’s what happens! And thanks to your donation, people who have never had access to God’s Word finally will!


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