Focus on Africa – Part 2

Week 5 of The Seed Company’s fantastic home school curriculum continued to focus on the translation efforts in Africa. Read on about the effort in Nigeria:

In a village of Nigeria, Ndama put his ear close to his tape player, keeping the volume low. He was listening to songs from the Bible sung in his own language. Oh how he loved them! But he had to be very careful. If his father Mantimo found out the words of the songs, he’d get very angry.

Mantimo didn’t like Christians. He would rather be friends with an elephant than a Christian! Ndama watched as neighbors turned their faces away from his father, whenever he appeared. Why couldn’t he smile like the others?

Alone in his small bedroom, the boy listened to his tape all afternoon. But when he opened the door to go to supper, he stood face to face with his father! Fear gripped Ndama as he realized Mantimo had been listening.

To Ndama’s surprise, his father didn’t seem angry. But he wanted the tape player with the music tape inside. Fearing he’d never get it back, Ndama carefully placed it in his father’s hands.

Ndama didn’t know God had a plan. That night, Mantimo turned on the tape and listened again and again to the Scripture songs. As he listened, God’s Word in his language touched his heart. Today he’s a changed man.

His neighbors have noticed the change. Mantimo now serves at the local church most days of the week. Mantimo and his neighbors look forward to the day when they will have the entire Bible in their own language.

You can make sure the Rutara also experience the life-changing power of God’s Word when you sponsor a runner.


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