Focus on the Pacific

Week 7 of the home school curriculum turns our attention to the Pacific. Read on for another amazing story of how Truth changes lives:

Yuliopka knew about death. Every day in his village, his father had to kill an animal, but not for eating. Yuliopka’s father offered animal sacrifices to the spirits because he was the village shaman.

For example, whenever a child ran a fever, the father of the child would bring a chicken to Yuliopka’s father. As the village shaman, he would kill the chicken to make the evil spirit of sickness happy again. Then perhaps the evil spirit would decide not to take the sick child’s life. Everyone feared evil spirits. Yuliopka’s father did the best he could to help.

As Yuliopka grew into a young man, people expected him to become a shaman like his father. Instead, Yuliopka heard the gospel. He already knew about evil spirits that could kill. Now he learned about the all-powerful God, who had already made the final sacrifice—His only Son, Jesus—to save people. He wanted his Ketning friends to know about Jesus too.

Yuliopka helped translate the New Testament into his language in the 1980s. Most of the Ketning people soon became Christians. People built lots of churches in their communities, deep within the beautiful rain forest. Soon after, the Ketning people began to share the good news of Jesus in communities of the surrounding mountains.

Today, Yuliopka is an old man. Yet he keeps serving God with all his might. He and other Ketnings are translating the Old Testament so that their churches will have the whole Bible. Yet they don’t do their work alone. For all they have to do is send an e-mail or make a phone call to get help from others who live far away. They can do this, even while living deep in the rain forest!

Yuliopka’s thankful he doesn’t have to fear the spirits anymore. Jesus made the only sacrifice His people will ever need. Like the Ketning people, the Rutara people will know the truth of the gospel because you partnered with them.


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