OneVerse’s Trip to Tanzania

Recently, OneVerse took several college students to Tanzania to meet with translators and the local church. They had an amazing trip serving the translators and local children. Plus, they celebrating the completion of the book of John for the Kinoli village. Their experiences are recorded on their blog, which you can check out here.

One post described the response of the Vidunda locals to the Bible in their own language:

“The highlight of the day was most definitely the time we spent with three locals in Vidunda — two women and an older man. They were all Christians but had never read the Bible in their native tongue. They were overwhelmed with joy after reading the Scriptures in their language. This really put into perspective how important Bible translation truly is. Imagine how the people will accept the Gospel when they hear it for the first time in their language! These people are looking for answers and for something to hold on to. They have a rough life and Jesus is the one they need to hold on to.”

So exciting to hear what a difference it is to read and hear the Bible in your very own language!


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