Who are Bibleless people?

In every culture, people worship something or someone because they are trying to fill the emptiness in their souls. The only thing that truly satisfies is God’s message of love through Jesus Christ.

Sadly, each year 2.4 million people die without hearing that message clearly. These individuals come from “Bibleless people” groups. They do not have God’s message of love in their own language. Each of the groups is different in their way of life, where they live, and what they believe. However, many share common struggles.

They are FORGOTTEN, overpowered by the bigger groups in their country. They are often poor. Although they have some schools, not every one has the money, time, or transportation to get an education. Many of them cannot read.

They are PRISONERS of false beliefs. They often fear evil spirits and carry out rituals that keep them enslaved. They do not know the personal and loving God who sent His own Son to die for them, so that they can know forgiveness and move forward into a future filled with hope and purpose.

They are HELPLESS against those who have money and power. Many do not have access to doctors, clean hospitals or effective medicine to help fight deadly diseases like AIDS. Even basic things like clean drinking water are not available sometimes.

They are the PERSECUTED church, faithfully serving Christ in the face of prejudice and punishment. They are brave even until death. Having God’s Word in their language will help these church leaders know how to tell others about Christ’s love.

Today we invited you to bring at least one verse to one of these Bibleless people groups. It is our prayer that the people group you’ve partnered with will hear God speak to them.

*All material in this post is courtesy of The Seed Company.


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