And now we’re back

Okay has it really been 2.5 weeks since we last had a post on here? That is what happens when you finish one job and start a new one (and a new one teaching to top that!) and start training for a fall half marathon — all at the same time!

For the past 18 months, I’ve been going to school to get my teaching certificate. I’ve also worked 1-2 part-time jobs, student taught, took online classes, run a full and half marathon, and finished 10 quilts. YIKES!

So on the one hand, I’ve simplified in that I’m focusing on one thing career-wise: teaching. And I have one hobby: running (and a little quilting again I’m sure!). But that hobby of running includes Team OneVerse which is much more than a hobby. It involves me actively looking for ways to connect running and God’s Word to life.

And even as I’m blogging now, I’m thinking of the word “one” and wondering why is it so hard for me to have one thing to do? Why are we so willing to say “yes” to a lot of good things, but lose the focus on the one thing that really matters. There are a lot of Bible passages with the word “one” in the title, so this week I’d like to highlight a few of those and think about how we (okay I) can focus on one truth for one moment to get us oriented towards what really matters.


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