1/3 of the world doesn’t have the Bible, 1/3 of Christians don’t read theirs

I saw a saddening statistic recently from the Center for Bible Engagement. According to the Center, 34% of Christians never read their Bible and 32% rarely do. So while one third of the world’s languages don’t have access to the Bible in their own tongue at all, one third of Christians squander the most precious resource we have.

We ignore the only way we can definitively hear from God when we ignore the Bible. And I’m not saying I have it right. I was embarrassed when I realized today that my week went by so fast and I’d only spent one day really in the Word. Okay so I pray and think about God and have nice spiritual thoughts, but I am convicted myself right now that I also don’t make reading the Bible my one thing. I make it my many things. This week, I’m praying God’s grace will help me change that.


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