“Even If It Means My Own Death”

Would the project need to be suspended with only two-thirds of the New Testament completed? Translation work began in the 1980s and The Seed Company began sponsorship in 2000. The “JESUS” film (based on the Gospel of Luke) was produced in 2007 and the team expected to complete the New Testament in 2010. But by early 2009, the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo had taken its toll on the Logo people, most of whom are subsistence farmers and hunters.

Rebels had killed 200 Logo since Christmas and abducted scores of children. Three members of the translation team had died since 2002. Many people, convinced that the power of sorcery was at work, were urging the surviving team members to quit. Only one full-time translator, director Aguma, remained.

When consultant Doug arrived in Arua, in the neighboring country of Uganda in March of 2009 to help with a new-translator evaluation and translation checking, he wasn’t sure that anyone would show up. So he and Aguma were delighted to see four smiling, if battle-weary faces, ready to give it one more shot. Aspiring translator Adara, who was the team’s accountant, was one of the four. From the start of the new-translator evaluation, he began to shine in his knowledge of the language and in his translation skills. Suddenly, in the middle of the evaluation, shocking news arrived: Adara’s only brother had been killed in a hit-and-run traffic accident, leaving eight children who would soon become Adara’s responsibility. The team encouraged him to go attend to his family’s needs, but Adara said, “Let me first finish the work that God brought me here to do—then I’ll go mourn with my family.”

Upon finishing the new-translator evaluation, Aguma and Doug told Adara that he would be an excellent translator. After a long silence, Adara spoke. “I’m very aware that people are dying around me, but I’m willing to take up this work and do it as faithfully as I can, even if it means my own death.” Adara’s statement of commitment moved Aguma and Doug to tears—tears of hope.

Thank God for the team members’ strong commitment to the Logo translation project despite adversity. Ask Him to provide for Adara and his brother’s family.

Praise God that since 2009 another new translator has been added to the team and they have made great progress in translating a number of the epistles.


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