A Bottle of Poison and an Open Door

Ruhamah* represented the entire Bible translation team as she approached the Nigerian chief’s compound. She clutched the gift her consultant had sent to court the powerful leader’s favor. A hearty endorsement from this influential man could open many doors for the Scriptures in this sensitive region of Nigeria.

As Ruhamah exchanged greetings with the chief’s wife, a small child suddenly coughed and choked. A screaming woman ran toward them. “The water bottle – it’s kerosene!” she wailed. “I put it there to start the cooking fire!”

The chief’s wife hovered helplessly over her gasping child. Ruhamah knew religious restrictions forbade these women to appear in public. She gathered the now limp child into her arms and raced outside the compound to the clinic next door. The clinic had no medicine to help. Ruhamah ran into the street and grabbed the nearest motorcycle driver who sped them to a hospital. Quick medical intervention saved the little one’s life.

Two hours later, the chief’s wife called the consultant. Her voice filled with emotion as she explained Ruhamah’s heroism. “My husband will gladly receive you any time,” she told him.

Learn more about The Seed Company’s work in Nigeria and how you can be involved at http://www.theseedcompany.org/projects.


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