New from The Seed Company

There are a couple exciting things happening at The Seed Company (T1V’s “parent”) that will give your church the opportunity to join the translation process!

First, take your church on the 28-day Blank Bible Challenge. The Challenge is a wakeup call for the 66 percent of American Christians who rarely or never read their Bibles.* Seed Company President Roy Peterson says, “We’ve become so comfortable with the Bible that we’ve lost our sense of its role in our own spiritual lives. And so we’re desperate—we’re gasping—for the breath of God speaking into our own lives.” Open the Word today—church members get support through free, daily e-mails that bring the Scriptures to life like never before.

Your church can partner with one of 2,200 people groups who are still without a single verse of Scripture. Roy went on to explain that as we help fill in the blank pages of the Bible for a people group, we also could sow the good seed of God’s Word into our own lives and grow spiritually.

Request your free Blank Bible Challenge preview kit today at!

OneVerse presents an all-new KidsDiscover program: The Art of Bible Storytelling! Sure, kids can read the Scriptures, but can they tell the Scriptures and make God’s stories spring to life? Memorizing Scripture can seem like a drag. But telling Bible stories from the heart and presenting or hearing God’s Word in dramatic, funny or sad ways will write God’s truth on the hearts of the tellers and hearers in an unforgettable way. The curriculum also teaches kids basic writing and storytelling skills, vocabulary words, activities and much more.

Bible storytelling isn’t just fun, it’s essential. For those who don’t have the written Word of God, it’s an effective way to share God’s truth. Through this fun, interactive program your kids will meet people groups who use Bible storytelling. Plus, they’ll get a chance to partner with a specific people group to make sure they get God’s Word!

Visit after September 20 to sign up for the 10-week Bible storytelling journey through the Old Testament. Families, home school co-ops and Sunday school classes are all welcome to learn from and enjoy this FREE unique multimedia online program.

*Source: Christian Center for Bible Engagement


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