Race Success!

It’s my turn to brag about myself! Today was a great day! I ran the Indianapolis Half Marathon in and around Ft. Benjamin Harrison State Park and set a new PR today by seven plus minutes! My finish time was 1:50:54, an 8:28 pace and I’m thrilled! Five months ago, I PRed with a finish of 1:58:02, so this was a huge win for me!

The weather was around 40 degrees at the start which was chilly while waiting to begin, but perfect for running. The course’s hills were more difficult than expected which was difficult. There were two sizable hills, more in length than grade, one from mile 2-3 and the other from 3-4. The course was relatively flat from then until mile 10. Then three major hills hit one after the other. The first was the biggest, the second was medium, and the third wasn’t as bad after those other were done!

Of course, by then there were only 2 miles left and my legs weren’t so happy. But, thanks to a friend who paced me the last 6.5 miles, I was able to power through! Whew!

And now, I’m a 7 time half marathoner which is very exciting!


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