Rutara Literacy Update

I recently received an update on the Rutara language group, the group that T1V’s donations support. George and Beera are the translators in south Asia who are working on the Rutara project.

“In 2008, George and Beera made a three-year plan, trusting God to help them. Their goal was that by March 2011 all the believers would become literate in Rutara. They worked with their team to launch adult literacy classes. In November 2008, trainers from their mission helped start the literacy work by conducting writers’ workshops and teacher-training. By the summer of 2009, pilot literacy classes had begun in two villages with 11 learners in one and three in the other. Four local Christians were serving as teachers. People’s comments included:

I want to become literate to arm myself with the Word of God. In that way I can reach my own people for the Lord.

I want to learn to read so I can understand the Scriptures and know more about God.

My daughter couldn’t go to school when she was small. Now that she’s a young adult, God Himself has given her the opportunity to try to read whenever she finds time.

Students from the literacy classes who weren’t previously involved in church have begun attending Sunday worship and Bible study classes. A few have even started taking notes during Bible study!”

It’s exciting to see how simply learning to read motivates someone personally and spiritually. I think that’s very exciting!


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