8 Pick This Not That Foods for Runners

Trying to decide between a few food choices to pick the best one for you as an athlete? Active.com has a few tips that give advice on what food to pick over another. For the full list, check out their article. For my favorite 8 choices, read on! (Why these 8? I only picked foods I would eat!)

1. Blueberries — These sweet little berries have the most antioxidant activity of all food tested in a study by the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. They’re important because antioxidants keep your immune system strong and reduce muscle-damage.

2. Turkey breast — Turkey breast has three more grams of protein than chicken breast, making it a better option for post-race recovery meals.

3. Almond butter — With plenty of calcium and magnesium, almond butter has three times more vitamin E and 60% more monounsaturated fat than peanut butter. “Monounsaturated fat lowers harmful LDL levels to help decrease heart disease and stroke risk.”

4. Pork tenderloins — Over beef tenderloins, pork has less saturated fat and more B vitamins.

5. Rye bread — We have rye bread every Christmas Eve as part of our family’s semi-traditional Swedish meal. However, it would be beneficial to have it more often for breakfast. Rye bread has been found to effectively fill your stomach with eight grams of fiber per slice. It’s great toasted or not.

6. Quinoa — This grain has three more grams of protein per cup than brown rice. Additionally, more fiber, iron, and magnesium.

7. Green tea — Pick this over coffee for more antioxidants.

8. Oranges — An apple a day may keep a doctor away, but oranges have 12 times more vitamin C and the same amount of calories and fiber as apples.


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