Called By Name in the Night

The Guan people have been resistant to the gospel, preferring to follow the customs and religion of their ancestors. This preference for tradition is seen in the fact that their lifestyle and clothing has remained the same for hundreds of years. They make their homes in the valleys and support their families by raising sheep. Their desire for literature in their mother tongue opened the door for a translation team to move into the area in January 1998. Today, a handful of Christians are working with them to draft parts of the New Testament and are seeing God do some amazing things among the Guan people.

Ashish and his wife had been married for several years with no children. They visited temple after temple in an attempt to please the gods and have a child. All their efforts were in vain. Without hope and overcome with disappointment, Ashish decided to commit suicide. One night, while contemplating different ways to kill himself, he slipped into a deep sleep. That night, God called him by name. “Ashish! Ashish!”

When he woke up, he couldn’t understand who had called him. He searched everywhere to find the person who had called him. The next day, in frustration, he went to the nearest hospital for a check-up. The doctor, a believer, told Ashish he was perfectly fine. Before sending him off, the doctor shared about Jesus and gave him a Bible.

Eager for comfort, Ashish began reading the Bible everyday. When Ashish found Jesus as his personal Savior and started attending a nearby church, the villagers opposed him. They mistreated his family by barring them from attending marriages and other family functions.  But Ashish and his family knew the truth. They’ve stood strong and are growing in their faith. Through Ashish’s initiative the team is planning to start a Guan prayer cell in his village.

Pray that Ashish’s testimony and the translated Scriptures will be used by God to transform many more people!

Source: Guan 09-Q4 Update December 2009


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