God can Change the Worst Sinner

The Kobas people of Southeast Asia face a number of hardships.  They live a simple lifestyle raising just enough crops in their gardens to feed their families. Some also earn a small income by growing peanuts.  Good health is a significant ongoing concern with malaria being a constant threat, and the encroachment of HIV/AIDS. Recently one individual tested positive. Life expectancy is low and infant mortality high.

Many people, including some pastors, still live in fear of evil spirits and follow animistic traditions. Some young people cope with this hopelessness by abusing drugs and alcohol. Suicide is not uncommon. Two mother-tongue translators are working to give the Scriptures to the Kobas people to provide them with comfort and hope for the trials of life and bring them into a personal relationship with God through the forgiveness of their sins. The Scriptures in the people’s heart language is having an impact on lives.

A Kobas man known for his devious character and immoral life confessed in church that he was repenting of his sins and returning to the church after about 20 years of being away from it. Project facilitator Paul had given him printed portions of Kobas Scripture from time to time. The man is thankful that Paul’s ministry of translating the Scriptures into Kobas led to him turning back to the Lord. Paul remarked, “God can change the worst sinner.”

Pray that the Lord will continue to work spiritually in this man’s heart. Pray that as he reads God’s Word in his language it will impact him.

Source: Kobas 10-Q2 Update April 2010


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