He Destroyed the House of Idols

The Kru people groups of Southwestern Côte d’Ivoire speak about 20 different languages. About 25 percent of the Kru population consider themselves Christians, but most follow the traditional beliefs of ancestor worship and reverence of spiritual places.

When civil war forced the missionaries out of the country in 2002, God raised up local Christians with previous translation experience to assume leadership roles in the Bible translation task. They formed the “Kru Initiative” and began providing the Scriptures for languages like the Godie.

A few months after the Godie translation team had played an audio cassette of the translated Gospel of Mark for a village elder, the leader of the traditional religion; they heard that he had given his life to Jesus. He then destroyed the house of idols and gave up his priestly duties.

The traditionalists called a public hearing demanding to know why he had destroyed these things and hadn’t appointed another priest to take his place. He replied, “I learned in God’s Word, which I heard on this cassette, that you don’t give bad things to those you love. Since I know the traditional religion is bad, I couldn’t name a replacement.” Since that day the traditional religion doesn’t exist in this village. Some formerly devout traditionalists have also become Christians there.

Praise God for this strong evidence of the power of His Word in the mother tongue.

Pray that the Godie and other translation teams of the Kru Intiative continue to see the fruit of their work.


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