Running a Marathon, While Carrying a Bible?

Austin, one of the T1V runners, is running the Philadelphia marathon next weekend (the 21st) and recently emailed with this note:

“I was visiting Gettysburg, PA, this weekend with some friends. We parked our car in a parking lot and began to walk around the battlefield. After walking for a little while, we decided to head over to the visitor’s center. I offered to run back to the car while my friends waited. I had my Bible with me and just felt like I need to carry it along on my run, never know who God may bring along.

As I ran up the road with the Word of God in my hand something hit me. Thankfully it wasn’t a car! 🙂 The thought came to me, I am running a marathon for the glory of God and for someone without a Bible. Why wouldn’t I run the marathon with a Bible in my hand?

It won’t be convenient but the Christian life a lot of times isn’t convenient. Yesterday morning was exactly 14 days from my marathon and I took my first real run in 57 days. As I got ready to go, I thought, Running a marathon is the stupidest thing I could do, if you don’t factor in God. But I have factored Him in and He is my strength. As I began my run the first song that came on was “Great God – great God greater then us all.” I was pretty pumped up. As I continued on the run thinking about the marathon I realized this is going to be the hardest 26.2 miles of my life.”

Austin concluded his email with the thought, “Part of me wants to run the marathon with my Bible.” And that’s just what he’s planning to do!

Keep Austin in your prayers as he prepares for the physical and spiritual challenge ahead of him!


One response to “Running a Marathon, While Carrying a Bible?

  1. Go Austin! Glad God inspired you with the idea to carry a Blank Bible.

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