Financial Accountability

The Seed Company and Team OneVerse take stewardship very seriously. That’s why 81% of all gifts to translation projects directly fund translation expenses.

Here’s the breakdown of $1:
19 cents:
Funds for administrative costs such as partner relations and administrative expenses
28 cents: Producing a first draft of a Scripture portion after careful analysis of what the passage says. (Step 1 of the translation process.)
8 cents: A team of translators check the first draft for clarity and accuracy. (Step 2)
20 cents: The new draft is tested within the community to make sure it clearly communicates its intent. (Step 3)
8 cents: Draft quality is verified through a literal “back translation” of the draft into English or another major language. (Step 4)
9 cents: Professional translation consultants from partner organizations verify the translation for faithfulness to the original languages of the Bible. (Step 5)
8 cents: During this critical and final step, the translation is again meticulously proofread prior to publication. (Step 6)

We seek to honor God with integrity and wise stewardship over every penny. The Seed Company (and Team OneVerse as an initiative) is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and follows their rules for Christian ministries, including an annual independent financial audit.

Source: The Blank Bible Challenge from The Seed Company.


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