Tips for Evening Runs

I had my first night-time run this week. It was a 6pm and we did 5 miles on a sidewalk. There were plenty of cars driving on the main road, so there were enough headlights to provide light and no concern of being hit. Even still, I didn’t wear any reflective gear and I probably should have.

So what are the essentials?

“Reflective Vest: Preferably a mid-weight version, this full zip vest will make sure you are seen and help to keep your core warm.  The zipper means you can adjust your internal temp, a very nice feature in the event you do get warm.

“Headlamp: Not required, but a really nice to have item. It will cut through the darkness, allowing you to pick the safest path. It also helps with the visibility issue. Newer models are light weight enough to clip on to your hat or visor without much weight.

“Flashing Light: Similar to what bicycle commuters use, these simple lights are a cheap and effective way to make your presence known. Remember to keep the red flashing lights on your back and the white/clear ones on the front of your body. This will help drivers and fellow pedestrians know which way you are headed long before they can actually see you.” You can also purchase reflective straps to go around your wrist or ankle.

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2 responses to “Tips for Evening Runs

  1. Another essential: A running partner! Of course, that’s not really gear, but it definitely makes the run easier and it not seem as dark as it really is.

    I hope you’re doing well!

    • Yes! So true! And yes, I did run with a partner at night which was good. We did almost get hit by a car, but I’ll save that for another post since it really didn’t have anything to do with lack of reflective gear.

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