Staying Warm While Running Outside

I ventured outside around 11 am the other day, with the temperature at 20 max. It was definitely cold, but I really wanted to run outside. Once the idea is in your head, you’ll find that you can withstand any temperature or wind condition! I was thinking about when I started running, how I wore so many more layers than I do now. And it made me think about the essentials for cold-weather runner. Here they are:

1. Layers — You need a base and mid layer or a base, mid layer, and jacket, depending on the conditions. Some of my favorite layers are below. I’m especially crazy about the Asics Jaide Hoody and wear mine all the time! The hood stays up when you run and there’s a hole for the pony tale!

Nike Pacer Long Sleeve

Asics Jaide Hoody

Essential Run Jacket

2. No Cotton — You have to have dry-fit materials, especially with the layers touching your body. As it is, when you’re finished running even in dry-fit, you need to put on dry clothes immediately or you’ll be freezing. Skip the cotton!

3. Keep Your Head and Hands Warm — Hats and gloves are a must! Mittens are a little warmer for some people so layer those too!


Mizuno Breath Thermo Gloves Saucony Mittens

4. Chaffing — You still chaff in the winter, so keep Body Glide on hand.

5. Water and Wind Proof Gear — My favorite purchase of this year was a windproof jacket. I’ve worn it twice on windy days with a tight fitting Under Armor base layer underneath and was totally warm! The sleeves have an extra flap to tuck your hands in and a thumb hole, so I tucked my gloved hands in those flaps and they were perfectly warm! And my hands are usually pretty cold. Water proof jackets are also amazing for snowy, rainy days. My favorites are below:

Asics Storm
Shelter Jacket (men)
Nike Element
Shield Jacket (women)

Okay, those are my winter essentials! You need pants too, but whether you end up in tights or pants is your call! Stay warm!


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