Scriptures Help Overpower a Deeply Rooted Tradition

The Gunu people of Cameroon traditionally require a purification ritual after an accidental death. The ceremony, called “Mbaga,” demands an animal sacrifice to remove a curse. To perform the ritual, an intermediary kills a sheep, a goat, a chicken or a dog, or perhaps more than one animal. Then he uses special grasses to sprinkle the blood on family members of the deceased.

Recently, Gunu translator, Crepin, refused to perform the ritual at the death of his nephew. And even though some of Crepin’s siblings feared backlash from their family and community, they all followed his lead — knowing that the blood of Jesus is the ultimate covering and animal sacrifices are no longer needed.

When people have God’s Word in their heart language, they begin to see the hope and light of Jesus Christ. As the Gunu people receive Scripture in their language, called Nugunu, they are refusing traditions such as animal sacrifice and, instead, are placing their trust in the Lord.

Although there is more work ahead to complete the Nugunu translation of Scriptures, an impact is already being made. The Seed of God’s Word is taking root and changing lives among Nugunu speakers.

From The Seed Company’s January newsletter.


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