God’s Word Helps Change Lives

Lena belongs to the Ayta Abellen people of the Philippines. She is very excited about the opportunity to read God’s Word in her own language.

As Lena heads to a translation workshop, she is mocked by her peers. They say she doesn’t belong in this work. Even though Lena professes to be a Christian and attends church regularly, many regard her as a sinner because of her lifestyle.

Yet Lena feels strongly that she should be involved in the Scripture translation project. Project leaders encourage her to come to the workshop trusting that God will work in her life through the Scriptures as they translate them into their native language.

At the workshop, three Ayta teams study Matthew 7–10. Lena’s group drafts a section of chapter eight about the authority of Jesus, and then reads it out loud. During the reading, Lena confides to the project leader, “It’s like God is talking directly to me in my own language.”

Lena later shared this with the whole group and also confided that she’s embarrassed by some things in her life.

Having Scriptures in her own language will help build godly self-esteem in Lena– and help change her life for good. Please pray that Lena continues to hear God speak to her and that she stays open to God’s love and correction. Please also pray for translation team and that the Ayta Abellen people are eager to embrace God’s Word.

From The Seed Company’s January newsletter.


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