100 Recipes for Runners

I have not even begun to explore the full ranges of this website that has 100 delicious recipes for runners! Wow! Below is the 12 recipes available for breakfast, but there are so many more and now I’m really excited to try a few (okay a LOT) of these out! Check out Masters in Healthcare’s website for the complete list of 100 recipes!

Morning Fuel
If you’re a morning runner, use these healthy meals to power up before a run or get you work-ready after a jog.

  1. Runner’s Scones: Start your morning off right with these scones tweaked especially for runners.
  2. Zucchini Bread: This summertime classic is a great morning meal for runners.
  3. Oatmeal Pancakes: Fill up on these whole-grain pancakes for a refuel after a run.
  4. Date-Nut Bread: This rich bread offers up a perfect protein and carb combo for the morning.
  5. Brown Rice Breakfast Porridge: There are few morning meals healthier than porridge, especially when made with brown rice like in this recipe.
  6. Strawberry-Stuffed French Toast: While it might sound rich and decadent, this recipe isn’t as unhealthy as you might think and is a great power-up for a jog.
  7. Walnut and Blueberry Bran Pancakes: These pancakes show that you can still enjoy breakfast favorites with a little bran involved.
  8. Hash Brown Casserole: Carb up on potatoes in this great classic breakfast recipe – just like what you’d get at a restaurant.
  9. Marmalade Flapjacks: This recipe from The Guardian will help get you up and literally running.
  10. Buckwheat Pancakes: Instead of using white flour to make pancakes, this recipe replaces it with buckwheat for a healthier start to your day.
  11. Apple Power Pancakes with Spiced Apple Syrup: These pancakes are runner-approved to fill you up and get you ready for anything.
  12. Power Frittata: Runners of all ages will love this frittata as a weekday breakfast or a weekend brunch.

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